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There’s always a large role for luck. No one is allowed to show how he actually controlled everything. The takeaway advice is to always keep questioning the battle. When you’re in battle, only the paranoid survive.

It’s a gating factor, so there’s no point in investing many cycles if you’re orders of magnitude apart of price. And yet VCs and entrepreneurs alike tend to dance around it. Your subsidiary goal should be to keep control of your enterprise. Some things you can’t change very easily once they’re set. You can’t really change your core values.

Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup – Class 10 Notes Essay

That way a lot of the mad people will be completely wiped out and thus won’t show up to cause more problems while you start the hard task of rebuilding. But to repeat, you should _never _have a down round. If you found a company and every round you raise is an up round, you’ll make at least some money. But if you have a single down round, you probably won’t.

  • In order to really succeed, you have to be doing something that others haven’t done?
  • Anyone who advocates viral marketing in this way is wrong and lazy.
  • You’ll enjoy this episode as we discuss AI, the evolution of sports cameras, and the growing sports tech industry.
  • Founders should think carefully about how to preserve the original founding moment for as long as possible.
  • The share of the option pool is irrelevant.
  • Short-term forecasts are notoriously bad.

If a bearish investor reminds you that 90% of restaurants fail within 2 years, you’ll come up with a story about how you’re different. You’ll spend time trying to convince people you’re the only game in town instead of seriously considering whether that’s true. You should wonder whether there are people who eat only British food in Palo Alto.

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A good rule of thumb is that diversity of opinion is essential anytime you don’t know anything about something important. But if there’s a strong sense of what’s right already, don’t argue about it. Screening out personal biases is a must. A lot of programmers are dogmatic about syntax. Things have got to be laid out this particular way. Maybe they don’t like using factoring methods or something.

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This is the modern portfolio approach. People here tend to focus on portfolios of different storage technologies. Battery improvements, electric cars, telecommuting, and cheap oil all seem like viable solutions, but none seems best or particularly promising. It’s worth noting that the something like geoengineering would fall in the definite optimistic quadrant. Maybe we could scatter iron filings throughout the ocean to induce phytoplankton absorb carbon dioxide.

Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup – Class 14 Notes Essay

Unlike recipe-based biotech, AI is much less dependent on a precise sequence of steps. You have more engineering freedom to tackle things in different ways. There is much less freedom in changing a biological recipe than there is in designing a blueprint from scratch. But we can try to make the case for AI by comparing it to things like biotech. Arguably the bioinformatics revolution is being or will soon be applied to humans, whereas actual application of AI is much future out. But the conventional view isn’t always right.

Playbook Raises $3m To Help Fitness Instructors Monetize Through Remote Workouts

In a rushed world, it’s important to fall in love with the process. I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s the person who loves walking that gets farther than the person who is trying to get to a destination. Athletes today have a sense of entitlement due to all the social media popularity they achieve before so-called “making it”. According to the latest data, roughly 90% of startups fail. VCs typically make investments in exchange for equity, a percentage of the company’s shares.

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In 1939 Einstein sent a letter to President Roosevelt urging him to get serious about nuclear power and atomic weaponry. Today, such a letter would get lost in the White House mailroom. Anyone who opened it would probably think it was a joke. Nuclear weapons seemed very outside of possible in the late 1930s. But visions of the future were taken seriously then.

Playbook Raises $3m To Help Fitness Instructors Monetize Through Remote Workouts

They didn’t intend to write the end-all governing document for the entire world for all eternity. And yet, when we take over a Middle Eastern country today, we basically copy our Constitution. We have no idea how to do what our Framers did some 200 years ago. We’ve lost the ability to make such a culturally nuanced system.

Maybe the truth about founders comes from both sides. Certainly there is some value to the first mover advantage and defensible IP in AI contexts. But, looking ahead 20 years from now, there is no a priori reason to think that other countries around world will respect U.S. Once you know something is possible—once someone makes great headway in AI—the search space contracts dramatically. Competition is going to be a fact of life. The process angle that Scott mentioned is good.

Playbook Raises $3m To Help Fitness Instructors Monetize Through Remote Workouts

One way to tackle that question is to think seriously about going back to the future. There may be lines of research that people didn’t pursue at particular points in the past that are worth revisiting. Not everything that has gone underexplored deserves to be lost. We talked about thorium power in our last class.

Generally speaking, capitalism and competition are better seen as antonyms than as synonyms. To compete isn’t what you should set out to do. That doesn’t mean you should slack off.

  • When we know that someone successful is skilled, we tend to discount that or not to talk about it.
  • RoboteX robots, for instance, have a history of being quite effective at resolving hostage situations.
  • From the definite optimistic perspective, the Republican critique is way off base.

He could have hundreds of wives and do pretty much whatever else that we wanted. But once he started to get white hair and wrinkles, his power faded. He would be deemed unfit to be king, deposed, and killed. It’s hardly a surprise, then, that upon first contact with the British, the Zulu kings were more interested in hair coloring lotion than in anything else. Whether phenomena like this continue to exist in our society today is a question well worth asking. Sean Parker might be the paradigmatic example of the extreme founder figure.

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