Defend Confidential Records With a Info Room

Ensures document security

The ideal virtual data room needs to have robust security features such as two-factor authentication, taxation logs, and activity alerts. These are generally key tools that help protect confidential business facts and avoid leaking during crucial processes just like mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and fundraising.

Ensures presence into the activity in your VDR

Many VDRs come with dashes that provide users with insights into main aspects of the bedroom, including which documents will be being viewed most frequently, who will be accessing that, and other information. This can help you gauge customer or investor interest and ensure you will absolutely making the greatest use of your computer data room.

Assures access to your documents when on the move

Most secure data rooms let you download PDF FILE files to help you view all of them offline without needing Internet connection. This can be valuable if you have customers who shouldn’t have Internet access typically or no longer want to use an Internet interconnection pertaining to sensitive records.

Ensures contain digital watermarks to your paperwork

Adding digital watermarks to your documents is a great way to prevent them right from being unintentionally leaked. These kinds of watermarks are based on the IP address, time and time of access and may help you discover the source of this leak in the case of a security break. They also serve as a way to make sure the recipient is aware that they should never share these types of documents with anyone else. They can be especially helpful during the due diligence process if you are protecting mental property or other individual assets.

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