Board Member Remote Voting

When it concerns remote voting for board members, the rule of thumb is that any decision that is ratified by a majority of all people entitled to vote at the meeting (and not including abstentions) is valid. This is the case absent a statute or administrative code provision, by-law, board policy or board policy states otherwise.

If your board has an established procedure for remote voting, go through it and ensure the procedure is in place. In addition, if you do decide to allow remote voting, also ensure that quorum has been satisfied and that the board management software allows for an honest, secure and accurate vote.

In the past when a board was voting to approve a motion, they could orally use ballots distributed in advance or record the results on a roll call. With the advancements in technology and the need to run meetings remotely, it is sensible to use an online voting system that allows members to voice their opinions quickly. MeetingPulse lets members to vote from any location with internet access. It is also easy to use and offers security for businesses.

No matter what method your board decides to adopt, the best way to ensure that everyone feels at ease in their decision-making is to encourage them to be active in discussions. This will promote engagement and ensure that all voices are heard, reducing the likelihood that any member will challenge the final results.

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